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This page was last modified on 5 September , at Nickerson specializes in designing with Microchip products. Please, log in or register. Company Info About BuyDisplay. Did you ever get your FT driver working?

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Capacitive Touch Panel Controller IC FocalTech FT

Essentials Only Full Version. Focalrech understand you probably worry whether we still offer the display after your long development time. The other thing to be aware is the data order coming from the chip. Navigation Main page SomLabs Website. The example project will build and run, but it probably won’t run under the MHC in Harmony 2. I meant jiggoly’s code, but maybe I’ll take a look at it later today wink: User Control Panel Log out.

After toucy I will provide additional instructions on how to get these files. Vargoth New Member Total Posts: Thank you Michael These files extract fine. You need fofaltech download the image file: Nickerson specializes in designing with Microchip products. After all these options have been selected, save your configuration, exit the menuconfig tool, build a new kernel image:.


How to enable support for FT5x06 Multi-Touch Controller on VisionSOM-6ULL – SomLabs Wiki

How to resize Debian 9. They adopt the mutual capacitance approach, which supports true multi-touch capability. The attachments in the prior post are bad. Jim Nickerson User Total Posts: We use a bit-banged I2C driver to be compatible with all versions of the EF starter kit.

Focaltech FT5316 capacitive touch

Retrieved from ” https: It requires first a write action to a register then the read message. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

Parts tamper ed with by grinding, engraving, drilling, cutting or applying coatings of any kind. Here are two links using TransferBigFiles: I’ll provide the files in a separate post.

Skaptor n00b member Total Posts: To enable support for FT5x06 driver, configure kernel with menuconfig tool alternatively use make xconfig or make qconfig:. All products are covered under our limited warranty, which provides all products are free of functional defects for a period of one year from the date of shipment and all products are free of visual defects and missing parts for a period of 30 days from the date of shipment.


In last steps, customize Device Tree file somlabs-visionsom-6ull. The touch panel has been tested using an arduino and works perfect. Attached are two files: How to prepare SD Card with Debian 9.

You can find more information on building and customizing Device Tree in How to customize Debian 9. Attached are the files that adds the driver to the MHC tree config under touch section. To change and test transformation matrix please visit https: